Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only Two Years

I decided to look at my blog today and I discovered that it has been a bit over two years since my last post. It is hard to come up with an excuse for that...um, I've been busy?

This is more of an exercise to see if I remember HOW to work this crazy thing.

Step one: I signed in! check

Step two: say something

I will leave that to a poem I discovered today.

by Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965)

The country vegetables scorn
To lie about in shops,
They stand upright as they were born
In neatly-patterned crops;

And when you want your dinner you
Don't buy it from a shelf,
You find a lettuce fresh with dew
And pull it for yourself;

You pick an apronful of peas
And shell them on the spot.
You cut a cabbage, if you please,
To pop into the pot.

The folk who their potatoes buy
From sacks before they sup,
Miss half of the potato's joy,
And that's to dig it up.


Step three: post a picture


Mission accomplished!

Now to see if anyone sees this.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'd Like a Couple Chickens

So, it's only been a month and a half or so since my last post. Here are the babies you last saw in their little box. Sorry it was getting a bit dark out. We have been letting them out in the evening to hunt and peck their way round the ole homstead to try to keep them out of trouble. There are 11 chickens and 3 guineas.

Inside the Chicken Palace a couple weeks ago. Please excuse the poop...their housekeeping skills aren't up to par.

When I say 11 chickens I really mean pullets (girls) which is what they were supposed to be. For the last few days however, I have been growing more and more concerned that this one isn't quite who she is supposed to be. I believe we have a boy in the midst of our all girl club.
After we got those birds, I just couldn't stop thinking about the Light Brahma's that I REALLY wanted. I mean, how can you resist those big, friendly girls running around and producing an egg a day in all but the deepest, darkest weeks of winter? While I was thinking about them, Paul was dreaming of Turkens...the lovely chickens with no neck feathers that he loves so much. As we thought of them we seemed to think of others and of course you might as well think about 25 since that is how many you need to have chickens shipped here, and of course with an order of 25 you get a free rare breed as well as a couple extras thrown into the box for 'free'.

Before I knew what had happened...

Welcome to my world!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cute Chicks

My house is full of cute chicks and I don't mean just me and my daughters!

I checked for eggs this morning, but no luck...maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sorry Melanie

I just realized that I never posted the picture of Melanie's dishcloth that I made for her and forgot to take a picture of! She very nicely sent me a picture of it so I can prove that I am a good sister. :-)

I don't know why, but I felt like making her a Martini Glass cloth...

Spring Has Sprung

Here we have the first sign of spring that happens around my house. I used the warm weather this weekend to wash TONS of sheets, blankets and towels and hang them out to dry.

Wow, that was an exciting entry!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So, Where Do You Start?

Where do you start when you haven't blogged in almost 2 months? I mean, things DO happen, but which are the important ones?

I will start with a party!!

Deanna from Taking the Scenic Route to Parenthood puts on the best parties I have ever seen! This one was a Murder mystery dinner party set in Napa Valley, California (wine, anyone?)

We each had a part to play and game plays out with scripts for each of us and clues we must figure out to discover who killed Barry Underwood (whose body was discovered under a wooden floor in the cellar...)

We arrived to a beautiful themed spread that I'm sure took our esteemed hostess hours of work to put together.

We had a great time eating, drinking and enjoying general merriment as we played out the murder mystery to finally discover who the murder was. I will not give it away here, but we weren't disappointed in the story line.

Here we have Ralph Rottingrape, Bud Wizer, Otto Von Schnapps and Papa Vito all dressed in their party clothes.

And here are the ladies...Bonny Lass, Marilyn Merlot (yours truly) Hedy Shablee and Tiny Bubbles.

Thanks Deanna for the great time and we look forward to next months party!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Car vs. Deer

So, I guess it could be worse (actually I know it could be worse). But I am still really sad. Just look at my lovely blue minivan with the missing eyeball. It is hard to see, but the hood is also cracked and not exactly down the way it should be. This is the price I pay for no rust...fiberglass that is pretty much unfixable without a really expensive trip to the body shop and those of you who know my husband, know that isn't going to happen.

And close up you can even see little bits of deer hair where a lovely working headlight and turn signal light used to be.

I am very thankful that no one was hurt. Paul was driving 3 of our kids and one neighbor kid home from church (try not to take the wrong lesson from that) and in an instant it happened.

Oh, and if you are wondering who won, the deer or the car...the deer is now hanging in our garage and will become many meals in the future.

(Yes, he did get a permit to bring home a dead deer)